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Sierran Starfighters


The Rapier Mk.9 single-seat multi-purpose starfighter, together with the Specter-class Strategic-fighter, forms the backbone of the Sierran Star-Command. The Sierrans are a fiercely independent humanoid race who are externally indistinguishable from humans. The Rapier is a fully environment-adaptable ship that is equally comfortable operating in the vacuum of deep space, the atmosphere of a planet or beneath the surface of its waters. The Mk.9 is the latest model in the distinguished Rapier line. While a small number of earlier models still serve in second-line and training duties, the Mk.9 is the standard current model serving in virtually all fighter roles called upon by the Sierran Command. A large number of the old but very robust Mk.4 continue to serve in the planetary-attack role.

The Rapier is powered by the latest of Sierran reactionless-drive engines; the Sierrans are renowned for their mastery of reactionless-engine technology. The Rapier has twin reactionless-warp/subspace drivers tied to a single reactor core. The Rapier is armed by 3 guided energy-projectors. These weapons emit highly efficient guided energy-pulses, a unique coupling of guidance system to a non-projectile weapon. The guidance is imbued upon the pulse by a target data matrix from the fighter's targeting computer. The matrix is wrapped around the pulse as it leaves the Rapier's weapons pod, and each emitter can track a different target if necessary. The guidance system, however, does drastically reduce the weapons' rates of fire, as no new pulses can be fired until the fired pulses hit their target(s). It is therefore not uncommon for Rapier pilots to turn off the guidance matrix and lock the pulse weapons in a devatating forward rapid-fire mode.

Most Sierran pilots are female, as female Sierrans are naturally gifted star pilots. The most famous Sierran pilot is Talon, a fiercely independent and extremely potent pilot and warrior with extensive training in special-ops. Her adventures, as well as her volatile personality are legendary.


Type: Multi-role, Multi-environmental Superiority Fighter
Length: 15 meters
Span: 9.1 meters
Crew: 1 pilot
Weapons: Guided energy torpedoes
Engines: Twin Integrated Reactionless Warp Drivers


The Model: 1/48 scale scratchbuild



The Sierran Star-Command operate very few capital ships, their magnificent Nemesis-class battle-cruisers are powerful but few in numbers. They prefer to rely on their highly capable and versatile fighter force. For long-range patrol and strategic-fighter missions the Sierrans rely on a large fleet of Specter strategic fighters. These efficient and versatile gunships combine high flight-performance with long enduranceand are operated by a base crew of 3: Pilot/Commander, co-pilot/navigator, and weapons/systems officer. It is normal, however, to carry a relief crew as well. In alert or combat state ALL crew are active, the relief crew filling in as trouble-shooting engineers or medical supervisor. Specter crews have the most extensive and well-rounded training of any Sierran Star Command personnel. The Commander can choose to pilot the ship or she can simply command, handing the piloting to the co-pilot. As with other Sierran designs, the Specter is capable of operating in space, atmosphere and aquatic environments. Specters are also commonly used as tactical command ships, coordinating single-seat fighter operations. The Specter and Rapier superiority fighters were designed to compliment each other and does so extremely well.

The Specter's crew areas are divided into a forward command-cockpit, an aft galley and automated medbay and a lower crew quarters. There is also a small engineering bay with access to vital systems directly below the airlock, which itself links the forward and aft sections.

Weapons consist of two heavy guided-pulse emitters and one medium emitter in the forward weapons pod, and 4 upper and lower emitters on the wingtips. The Specter is powered by twin integrated reactionless warp/subspace drivers.


Type: Long-range Strategic Multi-environmental Heavy-fighter
Length: 36.5 meters
Span: 18.3 meters
Crew: 3 - 6, + up to 12 Commandos
Weapons: Guided energy torpedoes
Engines: 2 Twin Integrated Reactionless Warp Drivers


The Model: 1/48 scale scratchbuild.