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Kit Patterns

Work for Clients

If you are interested in having a pattern made, a model build especially for you, whether it be a scratchbuild or a kit, or an illustration

Please feel free to e-mail me for a quote.


Quality resin kits mastered by Alfred Wong, here is a full list of currently available and upcoming kits:



From My online store (resin):

1/48 scale 2-stage Merlin conversion for Tamiya Mosquito kits

1/48 scale X-Wing+ (New)

1/48 scale U-Wing (New)

1/48 scale ARC-170 (New)

1/48 scale Terran Arrow Fighter

1/48 scale Shark Drone Fighter

1/48 scale "Dupe"-Bomber

1/48 scale Imperial Missileboat

1/48 scale XG-1 Starwing Gunboat

1/48 scale Old-tiners' Fighter

1/48 scale Phantom-TIE Fighter

1/48 scale B-Wing

1/72 scale XG-1 Starwing Gunboat


For Fantastic-Plastic (resin):

1/72 scale Ming Bomber

1/9600 scale Battlestar "Pegasus"

1/3700 scale Battlestar "Defender"

1/3700 scale Battlestar "Berserk"

1/48 scale Evolved Cylon Raider

1/48 scale Bubble Fighter

1/72 scale Iranian QF-313

1/72 scale Viper Mk.1 & Launch Rail

1/144 scale "Phoenix"

1/144 scale Boeing MX-2276

1/144 scale Armmaggedon X-71 Shuttle

1/72 scale Avatar AT-99 Scorpion

1/72 scale Avatar SA-2 Samson

1/288 scale Eastern Alliance Stazi-class Destroyer

1/288 scale Avatar SSTO-TAV-37B Deep Space Shuttle

1/288 scale Hydra Flying Wing


For Sith Planet (resin):

1/24 scale B-Wing

1/1000 scale Republic Star Destroyer

1/24 scale U-Wing

1/24 scale TIE-Bomber

First Order Dreadnought


From Monsters in Motion (resin):

1/48 scale Warhawk

1/35 scale Landmaster I


For Larson Designs (resin):

Various models (scroll through the listings)


Misc. Producers (resin):

1/24 scale A-Wing

Mini Starships from John Nash

Mini Starships from Pat Hughes (updated 07/14)

Mini More Mini Starships (updated 05/19)

1/2500 scale Cardassian Galor/Keldon-class

1/144 scale Viper Mk. 2